HSPs are very sensitive to criticism and I am no exception. I received a bit of criticism recently and it ruined my entire day. I think part of the reason that criticism is so difficult for HSPs is that we are super conscientious, always want to do the right thing, and don’t wish to disappoint others (plus, we are probably perfectionists). When someone tells us we have failed in some way, it stings.

I realized that I didn’t cover criticism much in the first two books in my series, so I’ve decided to add a bad review of Kayla’s business to Book 3, Sourdough Dead. It will take a while for Kayla to get over the bad feelings the criticism engenders. I’ll have to figure out a way for her to successfully deal with it. I have yet to discover how to process criticism well in my own life!

By the way, the criticism I’m referring to isn’t “constructive criticism.” I think I can handle that well enough, as can Kayla. The bad review will be very non-specific and will border on nasty. Maybe Kayla will never find out the reason…or maybe she will. I don’t know yet!

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