HSPs often have deep connections with animals. I have had the good fortune of sharing my life with three very special cats. My mom and I adopted Dandelion when I was a young teenager. He lived to be 19 years old. I inherited Sammie, a beautiful tortoiseshell, from a neighbor. Sadly, I lost her suddenly in 2018, when she took ill and had to be put to sleep. I was devastated and was unsure if I’d ever be able to have a cat again. But later that year, I adopted Rainn from a shelter. Rainn had just had 7 kittens! It’s unbelievable to me how small and thin she was when I adopted her. She now is a healthy and happy three-year-old, who will turn four in October. She is a very sweet girl who likes to lick my toes and do “rollies” on the hardwood floors. She loves to hang out on what I call the “Princess Tower.”


In my HSP Mysteries series, Kayla owns two all-white cats who are sisters. Kayla, being an HSP, does her best to give them equal attention, food, and love. In the third book, which I am currently writing, I am adding in a few quirks that I’m shamelessly basing on my personal experience with Rainn (like the licking of toes!)

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