It’s Here!

Stabbed in the Tart is now out in the world!

I’m excited to share this second installment of The HSP Mysteries with you. Kayla, home baker and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), becomes a person of interest and a possible suspect in the murder of a fellow chef.

Kayla’s father, Andrew, is a major character in this book, and we see the two work together to try to clear Kayla’s name. Their previously uneasy relationship–partly due to decades-old conflicts over Kayla’s sensitivity–undergoes a few changes along the way.

Meanwhile, Jason and Kayla are not on the same page about their own relationship and have to figure out the path forward. Add in some yummy desserts, shenanigans from Sugar and Flour, and a fun discovery about an old amusement park, and that’s Stabbed in the Tart! I hope you’ll check it out.

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