Easy Cherry Meringue Tarts

In Stabbed in the Tart, Kayla makes three different desserts for the Valentine’s Gourmet and Stay Weekend at the historic Countryside Inn. This variation on her cherry meringue tarts is incredibly simple and takes only a few minutes (plus chilling in the refrigerator). Ingredients: Graham cracker miniature tart shells (6-pack) 1 can of cherry pieContinue reading “Easy Cherry Meringue Tarts”

Stabbed in the Tart

I’m excited to announce that the second book in The HSP Mysteries, Stabbed in the Tart, is expected to come out this October. Kayla’s involved in another murder investigation, and this time she’s a possible suspect. Andrew Jeffries, Kayla’s father, makes his series debut in this book. He and Kayla have not always gotten alongContinue reading “Stabbed in the Tart”