Sourdough Dead Joins the Family!

Sourdough Dead, the final installment of The HSP Mysteries, comes out today! Kayla has her hands full with Halloween coming up, a swimming competition to train for, and, of course, a murder! This time, her boyfriend, restaurateur Jason Banks, is the main suspect and she’ll do anything she can to clear his name. Sugar andContinue reading “Sourdough Dead Joins the Family!”

Easy Cherry Meringue Tarts

In Stabbed in the Tart, Kayla makes three different desserts for the Valentine’s Gourmet and Stay Weekend at the historic Countryside Inn. This variation on her cherry meringue tarts is incredibly simple and takes only a few minutes (plus chilling in the refrigerator). Ingredients: Graham cracker miniature tart shells (6-pack) 1 can of cherry pieContinue reading “Easy Cherry Meringue Tarts”

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am not a very fast writer, nor am I prolific like many of my author friends. Sometimes this bothers me as I feel I am not as successful as my peers. But when I am feeling that way, I remind myself that I am an HSP, constantly processing every little bit of input thatContinue reading “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”


HSPs are very sensitive to criticism and I am no exception. I received a bit of criticism recently and it ruined my entire day. I think part of the reason that criticism is so difficult for HSPs is that we are super conscientious, always want to do the right thing, and don’t wish to disappointContinue reading “Criticism”


I have a confession to make: I hate summer. The temperatures where I live are almost always above 90 and often over 100 for four solid months. And there is so much sunlight! Beginning early in the morning and continuing until the late evening. I suspect that my HSP trait makes me extra sensitive toContinue reading “Summer”